#22 Poppies on the Tower of London

P1000057HMS Belfast is wider than the viewfinder. Here, groups of language school students with orange identifying rucksacks and families on holiday pose in front of Tower Bridge. Without the Olympic Rings, the gap between the towers looks vast. It’s a slow pilgrimage over the bridge with the masses of tourists. Continue reading

#21 Matisse to Borough Market

P1000015Although Matisse’s Cut-Outs exhibition has been open a while, it’s satisfying to skip the queue at the Tate and head in at 9.30am. Matisse used his cut-out technique as a way of arranging and rearranging the objects in his paintings, before realising the collages could be pieces of art in their own right. Continue reading

#18 Shaw’s Corner, Hertfordshire

IMG-20140720-01441The village of Ayot St Lawrence is reached on single track roads with passing places, grass growing in the centre. ‘Shaw’s Corner’ is a haven at the edge of the village: George Bernard Shaw wrote extensive directions for drivers to find his house from London and St Albans. Nicknamed in Shaw’s lifetime, there are photographs of the villagers lining the gates to celebrate his birthday, and of his fan mail being passed through the kitchen windows.

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#17 Ayot St Lawrence on a Sunday

Welwyn Hatfield-20140720-01457

The writer who once lived in this village described it as always feeling like a Sunday here. It is a Sunday stillness which surrounds us as we pause at the church gate. Here stands the ‘Ruined Church’ of Ayot St Lawrence. Altered and added to since the 1100s, it was in the 18th century when it was pillaged for materials after the opening of the Greek Revivalist church in the village. In the 19th century it was purposely ruined further to add to its sense of Romanticism. George Bernard Shaw photographed the church in the early 1900s.

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